Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Last Dance

"Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time." - Don Miguel Ruiz

DJ changed the beat. And our steps were off the tempo. Syncopated.  My heart wants to continue our choreo but my legs whispers to go with the music's flow. Time for you to let go of my hands 'coz someone's cutting in and asking you for another chance. She. Who was more deserving. She. Who jived with you lot more than I. She. Who needs more of you. She. Who can show the world a face of who owns her heart.

I love you too. I will love you still. Even the our tune began fading. My body still moves as it does when I am with you. But it will surely stop... Later, tomorrow, in a week, month, whenever. Our floor became rough, too painful to continue. I know you want to bear the pain, to lift me up so my feet can escape the torture. However, that I cannot permit. I gave you all the weight and the wounds will be deeper in your skin. Let's leave the floor, and be healed soon... Move apart from each other. Take a rest. Enjoy yourself with somebody rather.

Our performance was short, and private. It outdoes all the bounces I had before. Without much of an audience, I am thanking that you did your best to please and made me happiest. You can't wait for the moment to show them what we've got, to reveal this clandestine love which was rehearsed long enough to be seen. Oh, I'm sorry, spectators won't be able to catch a glimpse for someone is jumping in.

Having you is like a dream came true. You are my star I never thought of falling and granting a wish of my greatest fantasy! I love you.. How can I not? How can I stop?
But stars were meant to be from afar. They have to be up in the sky, shining brightly, giving light for someone in the dark. It was clever of me to kill the distance--suicide. You were just too hot to touch. (HAHA!) So you decided to fall for me instead, but a fallen star was a dead star hitting the ground. You and I can't be together. If we persist, we will end up killing each other! :-D

I love you. I love you. I love only you.
Forgive me. I have to go. Although forever I will carry a part of you with me. And forever I will have this desire burning in my heart to have you back. I will pray that the DJ of the Heavens shall replay our music in different stage. Without the doubt to welcome our viewers. Without hesitant to grab your hands. Without someone begging for a cut. As the song never stop...
See you again, Sir... <3

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Anonymous said...

Tigilan ako ng blog post mo. You don't do that to me! >:)