Friday, March 8, 2013


Part of our past belongs to you, now... BACK OFF and stay where you belong!

I would like to share the worst morning I had in the month of March. Ok… It wasn’t over yet, the ‘Xs’ on my calendar don’t even paint half of it but I am sure that no morning will beat the March 5's nuisance ! It was not really my story to tell. But it is now.

To be cheated by someone you love is bad. To experience it twice to the same bitch is worse. But to see your best friend suffer from the heart ache is unbearable!
If only God will grant the wish to give you her pain, you will beg all the heavens... But I can't, and I was just there... Watching! :-D
A shithead dared to break my precious friend’s heart double time. But like what I told you, it wasn't my story. It will be rude to have it on detail. The "only" thing I can say is… They became lovers, broke up! Because of third party, because he was never FAITHFUL and he will never be, because.. I DON'T REALLY KNOW and who cares now. The thing was, he hurt my best friend. ( And that friend will not give comment on this post! LOL!) TWICE! He cheated once, with his pert, "best friend". The two created their own hell. Suddenly the impudent girl wanted to get out. In need of comfort, the guy came back. Forgiven. Re-accepted! After a while, oooppss he did it again with the same minx! BANG!!!! And now they are sharing the abandoned hell!

Whom your friends' love, you will also love. It's always that with me, and that guy became someone I was close with. I contrived myself to regain the friendship when he was together with my BFF again. But when I can't digest more of his "really sorry" messages, I started bitching him on my FB account until he unfriend me! :-D
From then, we decided to cut everything off about him. No more. And no more! Everything became history.

Then... March 5! He sent me a message on FB! Haist. That egghead gained some guts. I want to reply, say all the curses I know to him. (All = 3!) Really mad. I want to do things to him. I even reserved some of my moves until we bump each others path. Fortunate for him, it was one of the thing fate forbids! I like to respond... But if I do, I'll just give him what he wants, he always want... ATTENTION! I changed my mind, and returned to my plans of behaving. But the moves are still reserved! XD

I have nothing to do with him... Revenge I place to the hand of the Father in  Heaven and pray for this guy. Pray for him to meet the Creator fast. (Kidding.) And just now I am willing to let go of my karate skills! We don't need to effort forgetting him since we are thousands of miles over that. But I have reasons to write this.
(F.O. = 'Ff-Off and Friendship Over)

Dear you,
I wish that there will be no more messages, posts, or whatever to come. You got what you want, you're done showing us your treasured attributes which deserve to be six-feet under the ground! I don't know why you still try to disturb the peace we met when we say goodbye to you, but we want to keep it. We want a life away from you! Stop acting there's nothing happened. We understand that you will never ever feel guilty of the pain you bequeath to someone upon reaching for your own happiness, for what you believed you deserve having. We accepted that you and my friend wasn't for each other. And that's a thing to be thankful of. We loved to believe you are happy now... So the pain you gave was worth of... Nah--Or! At least something good happened out of, err, that! We let you two live having the "reality" you want people to believe in, including yourselves. We gave you the right to draw your own truth. We let you be the protagonists of your stories, and we got all the blames for your mischief.  We never disturb your hell. So pay it backward... STOP! Or else. 


"There will always be two versions of the story, theirs and the truth."

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