Thursday, February 28, 2013


And I am back. I lost my followers but i can't blame them for leaving me. *Sob sob* Seemed like eons had passed before I catch time to write again. This blog shall be revived. Shall be born again. Shall display who I am today, who I was before and who I'll be on the future. Second life for the "Pseudo-Blogger".

Thesis writing threw a great fight on me. I am sorry for myself to overfed my mind with the academic papers and less to zero for the pleasure writing. Anyway, VACATION is coming. I am looking forward to record and share all the experiences that awaits me. And hey, my page will have new face. New mind and heart. More of JESUS, less of me. I am excited.

To my followers who did not omit me or forgot to, THANK YOU! And let's see how this connection grows. :D