Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey Judy! It's Your Birthday.

"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you.
You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."
-- Bob Marley

Apparently, these people -- in good and bad ways -- hurt me. There were times we physically inflicted pain. There were these words who sometimes hit below the belt when delivering their clever jokes. There were these random conversations which tickled you bones and held your breathe for long seconds out of laughing out loud. There were those aches of discipline they provided especially when you forgot what you told them on the bending of their hearts. There were this calls in the middle of sleeps, messages of the needy brokenhearted you need to attend. And there were those, who forgot the circle or those who needed to fly afar. But they are worth the malady, they are worth the annoyance for the rest of my life!

One of them... Is celebrating her (month long) birthday. Drum rolls please for my 
"ANGBOO" Judy Ann Torrecampo! 
*cymbals cymbals cymbals*

Happy Birthday Boo!
Wonder why I am featuring you in my blog? Don't be, we deserve a treat! HAHAHAHA! :D

Since elementary days that each other's presence doesn't really matter, then high school days that we began to be part of  the daily routines... (UMAY LOVE), then college days that hunger for our company existed and we battled for time to eat Mang Fred's LUGAW... And until now that we (i, almost) finished studying and began to live with two time lines, we still manage to keep the friendship. As if keeping friendship with you guys was that hard!! HAHAHA!!

I love you and will always do. Even though many things changed as we level up, somethings remained the same. We still share the crazy moments talking randomly about anything. We still love books. We still judge people together. We love food! We love gaining weight EHEM! We love poorjuan as they equally hate us because we can't be with them most of the gatherings. We still knew what number to send messages first when all of a sudden our strengths lost its foundation. We laugh about the stupid people's reasoning. And we can also be those stupid people to laugh at! We love each other's family. And so.. so.. And yeah.. We love things like this.. We can be lesbian just to put smile on our faces!
And of course.. We still support the relationship we have out of the circle..
We love to love the love of your life!

We understand the word "commitment". And we never try to compete with the additional member of the family. That's what I love in "JIJ". Believing that the more the merrier. We never tested this friendship being so demanding of the time, the presence, and being mad of the rearranged priorities. Instead we extend our hearts to reach out for who ever blessed men we love. ;-)

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light. Through out all the horrors and suspense we experienced, there will always be a Jho, Ivic, Judy to depend on. More problems please! :D

Forever... I will be thankful for God who stitched our paths. I am thankful for the joy, the companion, for the efforts of delivering jokes... and for listening to Ivic's jokes which is worse. Thank you for the love. All I hope now is for your happiness to be complete. For the success of your night shift job. For the protection against hold-uppers. I also pray for you and Ren, and most specially for your family to be genuinely filled with love. With the little hopes, or even you let go of the chances, I believe that God is able for all the reconciliations. My prayers are with you my boo.

From then, til now.. and longer than forever.. WE WILL LOVE YOU <3

Happy birthday silly! <3


apple said...

new follower here! happy birthday to her. you guys have an amazing friendship. :)

JHOyosh267 said...

And I will be glad to share friendship with you Apple. :)

vikky mavs said...

happy birthday to you bhe bhe! :)